New beginnings

Welcome to my blog. I am a photographer and digital artist living on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. I have lived here for the past 13 yrs and despite a great deal in my life going badly wrong I love where I live and am fighting to stay here.

It seems appropriate that I should be writing about new beginnings as I have just watched a lovely full moon rise from my front door. I meant to be up at the main site of standing stones at Callanish (Callanish 1) but I was late back home from collecting the keys for my summer venture and I temporarily forgot about the full moon until it was almost too late. So I set up my tripod and camera and caught it rising above a small hill from my front door instead.

March23rd Full moon rising

I might well head up to the Callanish Standing stones later and will post my photos as always on my  Callanish Digital Designs  facebook page and probably a few on my twitter account too @CallanishDD

The keys are for the Visitors Centre at the Doune Broch, Carloway. I will be running the small shop there from about mid-April till September. The shop is tiny but a neat little place tucked into the hillside at the foot of the path up to the Broch.
Dun Carloway

Broch visitors centre aurora

Since I found out I will be getting to run the shop, just last week, I have been working hard on my Smugmug website Callanish Digital Design. All work is ‘in progress’ and I see it all as a hopefully living entity that will grow and develop as I learn and explore possibilities.

I have also been working on products in two other online shops.
Redbubble and Society6 where you can find various quality products I have designed using my photographs.

If you have read this far thank you 🙂 I have never successfully managed to keep a blog before so it’s part of the new beginnings.